Cake Rolls, Icing and Cupcakes at The Maya Kitchen

There’s a lot of baking going on at The Maya Kitchen this month of October.

Start off with Healthy Breads on October 1, Saturday, 9am-1pm. This hands-on, group workshop class includes recipes for Whole Wheat Sesame Bread, Kalabasa Loaf, Malunggay Loaf, Sourdough Bread and Focaccia. Class fee is P2,000.

Cupcakes 101

Cupcakes 101: Coffee Shop Cupcake Favorites is also on October 1, Saturday, 9am-1pm. Learn how to bake Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcakes, Lemon Drop Cupcakes, Caramel Cheesecake Cupcakes and Mocha Truffle Cupcakes. Class fee is P2,000 with hands-on and group workshop.

Basic Baking is on October 4-7, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-2pm. Learn Basic Baking Techniques applicable to small and commercial scale production of recipes and formulations of quick breads, pies, cookies, cakes and other bread varieties. Class fee is P8,000. Basic Baking is also offered on October 18-21 and October 25-28. Continue reading “Cake Rolls, Icing and Cupcakes at The Maya Kitchen”

jollidance app

JolliDance Showdown App: Jollibee’s First Mobile App Launch

O to dance with Jollibee! This is something kids and kids at heart at every Jollibee party look forward to. Now we can all dance with Jollibee, wherever whenever with its recently launched JolliDance Showdown mobile app.

The app was developed by renowned Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger. The agency has produced applications for other clients like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Film.

During the program, the Trigger team shared their experience in creating the app that captures the lovable persona of the dancing Jollibee. Trigger Senior Director of Client Services Natasha Weinstein shared their impression, “Everyone just really loves going to Jollibee. It struck us an important part of the Philippines’ pop culture.”

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5 Things that Makes Dona Elena Olive Oil the Right One for You

Proudly homegrown and the consistent No. 1 Olive Oil brand in the country over the years, Doña Elena continues to provide Filipinos the right reasons why Doña Elena Olive Oils are the perfect partner for everyday cooking.

Known for its premium quality of olives directly sourced and harvested from the farms of Andalucia, the olive tree traces back its rich history 3,500 years BC. An abundant fruit in the Mediterranean region, it’s also most-prized for its high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins.

dona elena olive oil variants

Here are other interesting reasons on why Doña Elena is the leading and most-preferred olive oil brand in the country:

  1. The purest and most generous blend of olives. Doña Elena Olive Oils are a combination of two types of olives, hojiblanca and picual that makes it hands down a good source of high levels of good fats and antioxidants. Since each bottle contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acids that are good for the health, the powerful olive fruit duo makes every bottle of Doña Elena olive oils a powerful concoction. Much more, since Doña Elena olive oils come from Andalucia region that reigns supreme in olive oil production, consumers are assured of its highest taste and quality.

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