7 Eleven fidget spinners

Special Edition Justice League Spinners Await 7-Eleven Customers and CLiQQ users

Join in on the fun of the fidget spinner craze with special edition Justice League spinners exclusively from 7-Eleven! Join Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman by collecting these specially designed spinners from 7-Eleven.

To get a limited edition spinner, simply collect 25 stickers. Or, to speed things up, register for the CLiQQ Rewards app and collect only 20 e-stamps. One sticker or e-stamp is earned when you buy P50 worth of products at 7-Eleven. Get automatic stickers/e-stamps when you buy booster products. Check out which products are booster items on the 7-Eleven website. Promo runs until November 21, 2017.

To make things even more exciting, the Justice League spinners come in blind packs so that each item is a surprise!

Filipinos have a deep fascination with superheroes, making this promo timely, especially with the theatrical release of the much-anticipated DC film, Justice League, just a few weeks away. Continue reading “Special Edition Justice League Spinners Await 7-Eleven Customers and CLiQQ users”

STB CE Lionel Yeo, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)...

Singapore Inspires with Its New “Passion Made Possible” Brand

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) jointly unveiled recently a unified brand, Passion Made Possible, to celebrate Singapore and showcase it as a home to many places, people, and experiences that inspire.

This new destination brand puts forth Singapore’s unique attitude and mindset: a
passionate, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues
possibilities and reinvention.

“With Passion Made Possible, STB is presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story beyond just tourism. This brand articulates what we stand for as a country and supports the telling of many stories about this destination and its people. It will allow us to build a deeper and more personal connection between Singapore and our fans and friends, even when they are not actively thinking about travel. This brand is in line with Quality Tourism as it will appeal to the more sophisticated tourists who are seeking more aspirational value propositions in their travel” said Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive of STB.

Singapore Tourism Board Chief Executive Lionel Yeo introduces Passion Ma...

Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive of STB Continue reading “Singapore Inspires with Its New “Passion Made Possible” Brand”