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Kitchen Appliance Feature: Rinnai, Japan’s No. 1 Gas Appliance Brand

Being a bunch of fun-loving people, Filipinos will always find a reason to celebrate. And with every celebration comes good food. We love cooking as much as we love eating! This is probably why Anthony Bourdain was heard saying this of our culture, “Filipinos love feeding people.” And we do! I don’t think that’s something we should apologize for.

Attended yesterday's #RinnaiPassionAndPrecision launch #Rinnai was established in Japan in 1920.

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I recently attended the launch of Rinnai here in the Philippines. Rinnai is the no. 1 gas appliance brand in Japan since 1920. Rinnai hopes to elevate the way Filipino millennials prepare their meals with tabletop stoves, hobs, cooking ranges, and range hoods designed with the precise performance of Japanese technology.

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La Lola Chocochurros To Go!

Your favorite La Lola Chocochurros now come in a beautiful, clear top, easy-to-carry take out box. Take home 18 pieces of your favorite churros covered in flavored chocolate and chilled just right to preserve its flavor and freshness.
Whereas the traditional churros or Clasicos are best eaten hot and fresh upon order, Chocochurros, the chilled variety, is good for take out and comes in several flavors.


Choose your favorite flavor or buy an assortment of Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Matcha and Butterscotch. Eat them chilled or at room temperature. Chocochurros can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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Lunch Specials at Wagner German Bakery

Have a delicious and filling lunch every weekday at Wagner German Bakery located at Two Central, 109 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.



Start off with a huge serving of Pork Schnitzel with Potato Salad at P450 every Monday. It’s Schweinebraten or Roasted Pork with potato and bread dumpling for Tuesday. Get juicy Roasted Half Chicken with Fries every Wednesday. Thursday features Fleischpflanzerl or pork and beef meat patties with homemade mashed potato and get a taste of Roast Stuffed Pork Belly every Friday. All of these are for only P390.

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