The Daily Beans Coffee Lounge and Restaurant opens new branch in Antipolo in time for Christmas

With the remarkable success of its flagship store in Pililia, Rizal, four enterprising young men who have been friends since childhood have banded together as business partners, to open a new branch of The Daily Beans, a Coffee Lounge and Restaurant located in the bustling area of San Roque, Antipolo City, along the Sumulong Circumferential Road fronting Unciano Colleges.

The Daily Beans began its operation in 2011. According to the store’s proprietress, Sally Tarraya, the idea of putting up a coffee shop in the middle of a long road along Kilometer 56, Manila East Road in Barangay Hulo, Pililia Rizal, where daily commuters and travelers pass on their way to Caliraya Laguna, Quezon and other tourist destinations, was a smart move due to its ideally strategic location.

For the past 5 years, people of all ages have been frequenting this haven, where they can rest and chill while ordering their choices of freshly grinded coffee brewed and extracted on a daily basis, where they can select from Choco Java Chip and Mocha Peppermint Frappuccino, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha for their Hot Coffee, with their favorite pasta or cheesecakes. The store has become a part of the everyday lives of its customers.


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Coffee Brand Feature: Lily’s by Conlins

Lily’s Coffee by Conlins Launch

For the love of coffee, our little family trooped to BGC recently for the launch of Lily’s Coffee by Conlins. If you happen to live in the east side of the metro, you’ll know exactly how traumatic traffic has become lately. Oh can we just fast forward to getting that train rail installed once and for all.

Photos from the Lily’s Coffee Launch and some Coffee 101 by Q Grader Extraordinaire Sir Eric Lim

I digress. But for the record as bad as the traffic was, going to the launch was worth it. We went to not just witness the launch of Lily’s Coffee and the beautiful family story behind it but we also got our hand on some Coffee Art Latte and stenciling! It was fun!  Continue reading “Coffee Brand Feature: Lily’s by Conlins”

Great Taste Welcomes John Lloyd Cruz as New Celebrity Endorser

John Lloyd Cruz Joins Great Taste as its newest celebrity endorser.

How does one choose to be great anyway? That question alone can be controversial on its own. For one, it is not really the most acceptable thing for us Pinoys to tell people we are great. If we are doing good at something, it is very Filipino, to be meek and wait to be praised, then negate that with a statement that it’s not true. But if we are going to be blunt about it, being great is not something we should be ashamed of. If we are at all intentional with how we live our lives, we should never apologize for giving our best.

Greatness is within every Filipino

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