Figaro and Amway Philippines Launch Achievers Coffee, Cocoa Mix and Iced Tea


Two of my favorite brands, Figaro (for being the only coffee shop that serve Barako) and Amway (LOC and AG Factor, have recently launched Achievers.

Figaro Amway Achievers

Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix, Iced Tea and Coffee by Figaro, Exclusively Distributed by Amway Philippines

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Coffee 101 with Coffee Expert Mr. Eric Lim

Coffee Appreciation Demo with Q Grader Coffee Expert, Mr. Eric Lim

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Admittedly, I’m a late bloomer coffee lover. Pun intended. I learned from a recent coffee appreciation demo that “bloom” is what happens when hot water hits the grind, the bubbling and expanding then begins. This essentially jump starts the brewing process. Coffee bloom releases trapped Carbon Dioxide (CO2) within fresh coffee grounds that was produced during the roasting process. That was one interesting trivia for me since I’ve never really given it a thought in my still very young coffee-drinking years. As for my being a late bloomer coffee lover, it wasn’t until our Vietnam-Cambodia trip in 2012 that I truly appreciated coffee. While it might have been Ca Phe Sua Nong (Vietnamese dark roast coffee with condensed milk) that lured me into loving coffee, I have since transitioned to black with a teaspoon of coco sugar or stevia.

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Coffee Bloom

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Not all coffee are the same and coffee lovers have their own respective preferences how theirs are prepared. Whether that will be Espresso Machine, Automatic Coffee Maker, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press, Siphon, et. al. The hubby and I happen to strongly lean towards French Press as we both find that our coffee has fuller flavor when we use the French Press over the coffee maker. Apparently, there are a handful more ways in preparing coffee! Thanks to Mr. Eric Lim for the many things we learned about coffee.

Conlins Products: Bluenotes and Artisans Coffee

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J.Co Premium Colombian Coffee Launch

Cafes are widely known these days to be the default go to meet up place, whether it’s a random get together, school work, “me time” or even office work. I should know, I cannot anymore count the number of times I did my online work in a coffee shop.

One of the coffee shops that have pleasantly invaded Manila is J.CO, a late player maybe but a brand that has continued to thrive since its launch. And by thrive, I mean endless lines and crowd in most if not all J.CO branches. Precisely why J.CO has been around a while before I actually got a taste of its delightful offerings.

COD Premium Columbian A4-01

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