7 Eleven fidget spinners

Special Edition Justice League Spinners Await 7-Eleven Customers and CLiQQ users

Join in on the fun of the fidget spinner craze with special edition Justice League spinners exclusively from 7-Eleven! Join Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman by collecting these specially designed spinners from 7-Eleven.

To get a limited edition spinner, simply collect 25 stickers. Or, to speed things up, register for the CLiQQ Rewards app and collect only 20 e-stamps. One sticker or e-stamp is earned when you buy P50 worth of products at 7-Eleven. Get automatic stickers/e-stamps when you buy booster products. Check out which products are booster items on the 7-Eleven website. Promo runs until November 21, 2017.

To make things even more exciting, the Justice League spinners come in blind packs so that each item is a surprise!

Filipinos have a deep fascination with superheroes, making this promo timely, especially with the theatrical release of the much-anticipated DC film, Justice League, just a few weeks away. Continue reading “Special Edition Justice League Spinners Await 7-Eleven Customers and CLiQQ users”

James Reid and Nadine Lustre for #711CityBlends #JaDineFor711

I once read a quote that says, “All you need is love and a cup of coffee.”  This seems to ring a whole lot of truth to 7 Eleven’s City Blends brand new celebrity endorsers, James Reid and Nadine Lustre, a.k.a. JaDine.  They say that coffee is their constant third wheel on their dates.  🙂

City blends coffee

For honest-to-goodness coffee, made fresh as you order, 7 Eleven’s City Blends comes in four distinct flavors – French Vanilla, Mochaccino, Brewed Coffee, and Hot Chocolate.

Lee Esguerra, PSC Marketing Communications Division Head shares, “Starting at Php20, we offer coffee oozing with honest-to-goodness flavors, just like reel-to-real life couple James and Nadine. For a year now, JaDine has been our partner in promoting City Blends. And, with the overwhelming response to the couple’s commercial last year, they will once again show everyone how honest feelings can be expressed through City Blends coffee in our new commercial.” Continue reading “James Reid and Nadine Lustre for #711CityBlends #JaDineFor711”

Have You Checked out 7-Eleven’s CLiQQ App yet?! #justCLiQQit and Enjoy Rewards Everyday!

Enjoy rewards every day at 7-Eleven with CLiQQ!

With so many things to do, I can really spare a moment or two from having to rummage from my purse a rewards card for the cashier to zap on to get my points in. I’ve had at least a couple of reward cards that have gone stale on me just because I’d rather not bother plucking it away from my filo card. It may just be the impatient me but it’s something I’ve always hoped I can do away with for the longest time. But because I’m a consumer who still opts to get more value for my buck, I’m stuck at this card-flashing generation. There’s an app for practically everything, how hard can it be really?


Spearheading an app-based rewards system is one of the things I love about 7-Eleven. Because I always lug around with my mobile, it’s so much easier to just click away, get on an app, have the cashier zap on the bar code and get my points in. The CLiQQ Mobile App is so swag! I so hope other brands will follow suit!

How to CLiQQ


Continue reading “Have You Checked out 7-Eleven’s CLiQQ App yet?! #justCLiQQit and Enjoy Rewards Everyday!”