Philippine Team Vies for World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France

A three-man contingent from the Philippines will compete in the World Pastry Cup, Coupe Du Monde de la Pátisserie in Lyons, France on January 25.

Twenty-eight year old Rizalino Mañas, Bryan Dimayuga, 24 and 36 year old Vicente Cahatol, all from Makati Shangri-la, will compete with 20 other teams from different countries worldwide in what is considered as the premier competition in the world of pastry.

Vicente Cahatol, Rizalino Mañas, Bryan Dimayuga

As Gabriel Paillasson, founding president of the Word Pastry Cup has said, “The World Cup will be at the Patisserie what Formula 1 is at the Automobile.”

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@LamidoPH’s Black Friday is almost here!

Happy Thanksgiving, foodies! If there’s anything that we really ought to officially add to our local holidays list, it really is this. With Thanksgiving celebration, we all know that Black Friday cannot be far behind.

Now, this is something we can take advantage of as Lamido buy and sell is about to launch their Biggest Sale of the Year – Black Friday Sale. This is slated from December 1 to 12, 2014. Make sure to take advantage of deals up to 80% off, free shipping and cash on delivery options.

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Kris Aquino is @Chowking_PH ‘s Newest Franchisee

Kris Aquino was officially welcomed by Chowking as its newest franchisee on October 29, 2014. Chowking The Empress Royal Banquet ampao Members of the media were given Chinese ampao that were treats to the money tree where we received Chowking GCs, had our names written using Chinese Calligraphy, et al. Chinese Calligraphy

Our names written using Chinese Calligraphy

Chowking Kris Royal Banquet

Before Chowking officially launched Kris as its newest franchisee, the crowd who were celebrating with the Chowking family and members of the media were treated to an entertainment of Wushu exhibition, juggler and a unicycle rider.

Chowking Kris Empress Banquent

Kris Aquino is more than just a celebrated showbiz personality. She’s also a mom who juggles several hats: acting, hosting, endorsing, and parenting. She also manages to squeeze in a home-cooked meal after a long day of taping. I personally see from her Instagram posts that she tries her very best to be the best mom to her sons as she prioritizes them in her ever crazy schedule.


“A lot of things happened this year—good and bad—but I see them all as contributors to building my character,” Kris shares. “I can say that I am really blessed with everything that has come my way so it’s important for me to find ways to celebrate every day wins.” In spite of Kris’ triumphs, she doesn’t stop pursuing more. “I want to be successful for my kids. They keep me going.”

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