Are you #GWithTheBarkada Ready?

Weekend is almost here! Are you #GWithTheBarkada ready? How about a #KaraokeNight – sing the night away with the beshies (take some selfies too), while enjoying some of our Greenwich Barkada faves!

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Smurfs Happy Meal

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys: Smurfs

Are you ready for a fantastic adventure with McDonald’s new Smurfs Happy Meal toys? You can collect all eight (8) Smurfs Happy Meal toys in vibrant colors for a fun playtime experience. Each toy features a specially designed Smurf house and two unique Smurf friends, including favorite Smurfs characters like Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette, so you can complete your own Smurfs village.

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JolliDance Showdown App: Jollibee’s First Mobile App Launch

O to dance with Jollibee! This is something kids and kids at heart at every Jollibee party look forward to. Now we can all dance with Jollibee, wherever whenever with its recently launched JolliDance Showdown mobile app.

The app was developed by renowned Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger. The agency has produced applications for other clients like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Film.

During the program, the Trigger team shared their experience in creating the app that captures the lovable persona of the dancing Jollibee. Trigger Senior Director of Client Services Natasha Weinstein shared their impression, “Everyone just really loves going to Jollibee. It struck us an important part of the Philippines’ pop culture.”

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