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Modern Moms Nutritional Partner Tipco Launches Tripaway Promo

Ever since our family came to try Tipco last year, there was no turning back. It has been the one thing that we can count on to provide our family with the nutrients from fruits and vegetables that we don’t normally get from the food I serve my family with on a daily basis.

Tipco. No preservatives. No flavorings. No color added. No sugar added. 

Tipco is Thailand’s best selling juice brand. My boys and I are actually delighted to have our regular dose of healthy fruit and veggie drinks sans the usual preservatives some fruit drinks come with. I love its No Artificial anything in it. Confession: Tipco is the one juice drink my non-veggie loving hubby would have. Thus, our regular supply of it in our fridge.

Here’s my son’s new favorite – Tipco Superkid 100% Juice. It comes in 4 flavors: Mixed Veggie & Mixed Fruit, Apple, Red Grape, and Shogun Orange.

I love that we can now do away with the former powdered juice we would regularly replenish our pantry with. This 100% juice assures me of my son’s health not having the extra sugar, coloring, et. al. in my son’s drink. My son’s favorite is the Apple Flavor. 🙂

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