A Healthy Lifestyle Through Juicing

A Healthy Lifestyle Through Juicing

There is a trend in the health industry that has proven to be really beneficial to a person’s quest of a healthy lifestyle. Juicing is very beneficial for a person’s over health. Boosting your immune system, losing unwanted fat, and finding renewed vitality in your life are all results that can be achieved through juicing.

Benefits of Juicing

There are major benefits if someone decides that they want to add juice to their diet. For one, juicing allows the body to receive ample amounts of nutrients that are essential for healthy living. Vitamins, enzymes, and minerals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream of someone who drinks a drink. Just in case you did not know, 95% of all of the nutrients and enzymes that our body’s needs are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing provides a way for us to receive those nutrients and enzymes in abundance by compounding the number of vegetables or fruit that would have usually taken days to eat into one drink.  Continue reading “A Healthy Lifestyle Through Juicing”

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7 Best Workout Recovery Foods

Intense workout leaves your muscles not only depleted of energy but also very sore. With other sessions fixed in the coming days, you have to deal with the pain and work on recovering to be ready to go through another cycle of weight lifting and cardio exercises. For a good recovery, you need to take enough rest, have sufficient sleep, and eat pro-recovery foods to repair the broken tissues. Also, a good dose of wonderful anabolic products that aid in recovery would help a lot. You should not worry about how to get the anabolic products as you can achat steroide, a highly potent product in promoting speedy recovery and bodybuilding.

Proper post-workout nutrition has many benefits like promoting speedy recovery, minimizing muscle soreness, developing muscles, enhances the functioning of the immune system and restock glycogen in the body. All these are important for preparing the body for future workouts.

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Here are some great recovery foods that will help you get back your strength and head to the fitness centre faster and with a lot of energy:

  1.      Cherries or tart cherry juice

Cherries or tart cherry juice is your perfect food after an intense workout to aid muscle recovery and repair. Cherries are rich in anti-oxidants anti-inflammatory polyphenol compounds that help to alleviate pain and fasten recovery following exercises. Take the cherry juice without sweeteners, otherwise it will not be of any use. Continue reading “7 Best Workout Recovery Foods”

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Why brown rice is the healthier option

Apart from the morning pandesal, rice is the most common food staple in the Filipino dining table, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even merienda. It’s simply something that Pinoys can’t eat without.

Eating white rice, especially with sumptuous dishes, can really be filling, but it could also significantly add to one’s weight.

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Thankfully, Filipinos have an alternative to having steamed rice for their everyday meals—brown rice.

One of the healthiest types of rice, brown rice is a fiber-rich whole grain that has little calories and contains no trans-fat or cholesterol. It is a good source of magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, thiamine, niacin, manganese, and vitamin B6.  Continue reading “Why brown rice is the healthier option”