fathers day for hurom

Hurom: An Exceptional Juicer for an Exceptional Dad

Kick start Father’s Day by encouraging your Dad to adapt healthy Hurom habits.

Juicing is a convenient and delicious way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables every day. Hurom’s innovative cold-press technology helps fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients and taste better than traditional juicers.

It used to be that fitness wasn’t high on the goal with dads, hence the term ‘dad bod’, but these days, dads are increasingly getting into running and triathlons, and all manner of sports activities that some dads have become fitness goals. But no matter your dad’s level of fitness, all dads will benefit from more intakes of fruits and vegetables, and this is infinitely easier with juicing.

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Give Mom the Healthy and Delicious Hurom Squeeze This Mother’s Day

Moms have always made sure that their kids are in the pink of health. They have undertaken countless ways, both stealthy and overt, to make sure you eat your vegetables, take your vitamins and consume good nutritive food you may not have always been so inclined to eat. Now that you’re older, you owe your good health to your mother. It’s time to give that gift of health back to her.

We are all aware that many health campaigns all over the world advice the intake of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for better health.  According to a 13-year study by University College London, a daily average of more than seven plates of fruits and vegetable drastically reduces the risk of all-cause mortality. Fruits and vegetables are not only abundant in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, but in phytochemicals and enzymes as well. These substances have powerful antioxidant effects such as anti-aging, skin care, promoting immunity, among many others. Continue reading “Give Mom the Healthy and Delicious Hurom Squeeze This Mother’s Day”

Give your Loved Ones a Hurom Slow Juice Squeeze This Christmas

The feasting has already begun, and there will be more as you make the round of holiday parties and reunions before the year is over. Then there’s that steady line of food gifts, likely sweet and decadent pastries most often than not that may be too tempting to resist. Of course this is the season of indulgences, but it’s time to mitigate that with a delicious squeeze. It’s time to apply a full court press…of slow juicing.


The best gift we can give and indeed receive Christmas is the gift of health, because without it, we can’t enjoy all the beautiful things that come with the season such as waking up early for dawn masses and staying up late to watch the various Christmas light shows and displays. For this you need stamina, but the weather and the stress doesn’t necessarily make it easy for a lot of us to be in the pink of health. Continue reading “Give your Loved Ones a Hurom Slow Juice Squeeze This Christmas”