Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Arroz Negra

Latest Food Find: Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

Long before there were food trucks and food lifestyle night markets, there was Kapitolyo, an asylum to foodies from almost a decade back. I remember at least two favorite restaurants we used to swing by for good food back in the day. Although a lot of food and lifestyle concepts have mushroomed all over the metro, Kapitolyo remains to be a go to place if you’re on for a gastronomical treat.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew interior

We recently visited Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew located at 16 East Capitol Drive Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig. Continue reading “Latest Food Find: Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew”


Fresh Grilled Flavors of Boybabs Firebrick Grill

For most Filipinos a meal is not complete without rice. This is perhaps the reason why the “unli-rice” promo offered by some restaurants in 2010 became a big hit. Inspired by the fast growth of a restaurant offering grilled chicken with unlimited servings of rice, Jepoy and Kiss thought of starting a business with the same concept. But instead of chicken, they planned to serve their own especially marinated Filipino-style liempo. Jepoy even coined the name “Boybabs”, from the word “Baboy”, for the restaurant.

Starting Boybabs Firebrick Grill sounded like a good idea at that time, but it did not materialize because Jepoy and Kiss had other priorities. But just like a special dish, Jepoy and Kiss had to wait for their boybabs concept to be cooked just right and served at the right time. In 2015 they partnered with Jerome and Jermalyn and opened the BURP Flame Grilled Burger in Angeles, Pampanga. It was the start of their journey in the food industry. After a year, they were ready to give life to their original concept which is Boybabs. Thus the opening of Boybabs Firebrick Grill in Angono, Rizal in March 2016. Instead of a full blown restaurant they chose to operate as a “to go store” or take out counters where customers can simply buy their food and dine someplace else. Continue reading “Fresh Grilled Flavors of Boybabs Firebrick Grill”

Casa Italia Introduces Gelatonini #BestGelatoEver

Casa Italia’s Gelatonini and other brand new food offerings.

Casa Italia Interior

Gelato, being the creamier pick and a whole bunch denser, I’ll always choose in a heartbeat over ice cream. My being lactose-intolerant may have a lot to do with that choice but I always love the finer taste of gelato from the first time I’ve tasted one some decade ago.

Casa Italia Gelato flavors

#BestGelatoEver only in Casa Italia

Truth be told, not all gelatos are created equal. A good gelato is churned out honestly with all natural ingredients, like how Casa Italia whips up their celebrated gelato – zero artificial flavors, chemicals, colorants and preservatives. What I truly love about good gelato is the fact that it is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar as opposed to regular ice cream. And with the unforgiving Manila heat these days, downing things cold down our throat is sweet relief in beating the summer heat. Continue reading “Casa Italia Introduces Gelatonini #BestGelatoEver”