Robinsons Supermarket Kicks-off #LearnWellness2017 at the Eastwood Central Park

Over the weekend, Robinsons Supermarket kicked-off its #LearnWellness campaign at the Eastwood Central Park, with its timely #WellnessWizards back-to-school theme.

Right in time to welcome the school days, Robinsons Supermarket ushered families to the “Magical World of Wellness.” Complete with fun wizarding activities: potion-making, VR game, and finders-keepers game. Continue reading “Robinsons Supermarket Kicks-off #LearnWellness2017 at the Eastwood Central Park”

best value factory food outliet

Warehouse Shopping without the Membership Best Value Factory Food Outlet

This Holiday Season may be the best time to try shopping at the Best Value Factory Food Outlet, one of the best kept secrets in the industry. And best of all, unlike other warehouse outlets, you don’t need a membership. People in the food industry and those with small and medium scale food businesses have been flocking to Best Value even before they opened their doors to the public at large – and now you can, too.

best value warehouse aisles

When you name your store Best Value, you need to have the goods to back it up – and they do. They offer factory prices on a host of goods particularly Cooking Oils, Specialty Fats, Baking and Culinary Ingredients and a whole sundry of items you won’t normally find at the supermarket and normal retail outlets. Best Value has a wide assortment of goods at great value and superb quality. Most of their products come from Oleo-Fats, an affiliate company which already manufactures products for food industry leaders and famous food chains. Continue reading “Warehouse Shopping without the Membership Best Value Factory Food Outlet”