Casa Italia Introduces Gelatonini #BestGelatoEver

Casa Italia’s Gelatonini and other brand new food offerings.

Casa Italia Interior

Gelato, being the creamier pick and a whole bunch denser, I’ll always choose in a heartbeat over ice cream. My being lactose-intolerant may have a lot to do with that choice but I always love the finer taste of gelato from the first time I’ve tasted one some decade ago.

Casa Italia Gelato flavors

#BestGelatoEver only in Casa Italia

Truth be told, not all gelatos are created equal. A good gelato is churned out honestly with all natural ingredients, like how Casa Italia whips up their celebrated gelato – zero artificial flavors, chemicals, colorants and preservatives. What I truly love about good gelato is the fact that it is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar as opposed to regular ice cream. And with the unforgiving Manila heat these days, downing things cold down our throat is sweet relief in beating the summer heat. Continue reading “Casa Italia Introduces Gelatonini #BestGelatoEver”

Sweet Treats at Francine’s in Robinsons Place Antipolo

What’s a feast without some sweets. After our delectable and gastronomical indulgence at Marison’s and Kampai Sushi Bar during last month’s #AntipoloFood Trip, we headed over to Francine’s located at the second floor of Robinsons Place Antipolo.


The sweet nook, that is, Francine’s, is situated right smack at the middle of various stores inside Robinsons Place Antipolo.  It’s an eye-candy with its pastel colored tables and seats, conducive for dessert and night cap. 🙂


Cakes and Cupcakes galore! Continue reading “Sweet Treats at Francine’s in Robinsons Place Antipolo”

Let Emojis do the magic on your Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Nowadays its easy to express your feelings using one of the digital age’s best form of expression – Emoji.

Krispy Kreme

Emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express emotions or ideas through digital communication.

Knowing that emojis are the newest way to add depth and dimension on how we communicate, Krispy Kreme launched Emoji Magic. A year-long campaign that will give the brand’s patrons a chance to create magical moments and meaningful messages through specially made Krispy Kreme Doughnut Emoji.

Continue reading “Let Emojis do the magic on your Krispy Kreme doughnut!”