Kape Juan 6 in 1

After recently discovering the goodness of coffee via W1N International’s 10 in 1 brazilian coffee late last year, what I have been into lately is experiment on different coffee brands. If it would have been up to the hubby, he will stick with his good ol’ Vietnamese coffee. It took me months before I became experimental, really. But this Kape Juan 6 in 1 got me really curious – with it claiming to be barako coffee with Moringa, Lemongrass, and Charantia extracts. I would not have thought they all can go together in one concoction.

Kape Juan 6 in 1

 Kape Juan 6 in 1 did say Original Pinoy Coffee, so for the love of being Pinoy, with the hubby’s permission, I had to grab a hold of a bunch. It was the cheapest brand from the coffee aisle in Sta. Lucia supermarket. It was around 7 bucks per sachet, when all other 5in1, 7in1 coffee brands came with a price tag no lesser than 12 pesos. I really would rather drink more than just 3in1’s since I jumpstarted coffee drinking with a 10in1 healthy brazilian coffee. My first taste of this cup of coffee was interesting. I liked that the barako was not the predominant taste. had a few sips from the hubby’s cup some months back and it was too strong for my taste. Precisely why this did not make it to the hub’s favorites. He’s the pure barako or Vietnamese coffee kind of guy. I handed him his first cup amidst cool fernandes nomad at musicians friend playing on the background. There’s nothing like sipping good coffee while enjoying soulful music.

Kape Juan’s  taste of lemongrass was distinct and even if I was kind of expecting some bitter hints because of the charantia component, there’s none of that. Here’s hoping that more coffee brands will be as experimental as the makers of Kape Juan 6 in 1 and tap into our very own local resources (like the barako) and homegrown brands like the rest of their ingredients.

4 thoughts on “Kape Juan 6 in 1

  1. Aiza October 25, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Hi. Tanong ko lang po kung san pwede makabili ng Kape Juan 6 in 1? thanks.

  2. arlene April 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Good day, I would like to ask if where should I buy this product. PLEASE reply

  3. aryan June 15, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    pwd po bang malaman ang complete address nyo sa cavite pra maka pag direct na lang po ako sainyo? pls reply

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