Our A&W Float Fix

A&W Float has always been the fix that my husband and I have had every since we started dating in 1997.  We remember frequenting the branches in Greenbelt and Makati Avenue back then.  Since A&W outlets have officially closed down in 2004, we are left at the mercy of the few grocery stores that carry it.

We were totally jealous when we went to Kuala Lumpur and found A&W outlets all over the place!

So we did what good A&W fans would do. Indulge! We would have hoarded on pitchers upon pitchers of A&W if it was allowed. 🙂

Back to the home base, A&W cans used to sell for P17.75 each at Hi-Top some years ago. Now it is already P20.75. Other grocery stores sell them for up to P26 a can. We were overcome with sadness when Robinson’s supermarket (were we usually do our grocery shopping in) recently ran out of A&Ws. I, then, begrudgingly took a can of MUG instead to kinda sorta replace A&W just that one time.  The husband, with a frown on his face told me, “Magsisisi ka!” (you will regret it)  And he was so right! It just tasted so wrong, I wasn’t able to finish my glass.

And so after experimenting with different brands of Vanilla Ice Cream, with FIC Vanilla Ice cream coming in second, Favorito is our favorite brand for our Vanilla flavored ice cream to complete the float mix.  And that plate under the glasses is a necessary tool to catch accidental spillage when the ice cream and a&w soda come together. We love chasing those flavored bubbles like there is no tomorrow!

our A&W float fix

One thought on “Our A&W Float Fix

  1. eRLyN November 17, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    waaaahhhh im sooo inggit. sa weekend gagayahin ko yan sis. ay wait nagda diet nga pala ko. takte!

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