Our Burp Flame Grilled Burger Experience

Not all burgers are created equal. That’s the one thing that stuck out after having a taste of Burp Burgers for the first time. For someone who is not much of a burger junkie (like my son is), it was an experience all its own, right from my first Burp burger bite. Before I get ahead of myself, allow me to walk you through our Burp! Flame-Grilled Burger experience.

Burp!  (2)My son, in his ready-to-raid-burp stance.

It didn’t take a great while before this burger junkie of a lad delightfully devoured helpings upon helpings of Burp food offerings.

Burp! Burger PlaceBurp! Burgers is situated at the heart of Angeles, Pampanga. This cozy and quaint burger place is the brainchild of a family who have this special love for good food. With a chef for a brother to back up the dream, Burp! Burgers was born.

Burp!  (13)Amazing Nachos, P205

Seriously now, I can sit down and finish this huge platter of nachos all by myself. It was sooo good. You can tell by the looks of it that its nothing like your ordinary nachos. The  cheese sauce made it really special. This is the first thing my son got his chubby hand on. It was gone before we noticed! Good thing he allowed for us to take photos first before diving in. 🙂

Burp!  (18)

If it were up to this boy, he wouldn’t have to wait a second to get his grinders on those burgers.

Burp burgers and buffalo wingsBurp Burgers all in a row and Burp Signature Wings, a must try!

Burp! BurgersFrom top – right: Burp Monster, Mushroom Cheese Burger, BBC Burger, Burp Burger

What makes up a fine burger, you ask? After my Burp experience, I’d say for the non-negotiable: Australian beef patties (guaranteed no extenders, thank you) that are seasoned just the way Burp burgers are.  The caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, sticky cheese, bbq sauce, generous servings of bacon strips, are preferences to your Burp Burgers experience. There’s a Burp burger to satisfy that burger craving, that’s for sure. While I find that each burger from Burp has its own unique personality, the Mushroom Cheese Burger totally won me over. I don’t think I’ve encountered a burger that’s good in itself, then further complemented by a sauce so creamy and good. It was so good I had to ask what the sauce is and I was just told, special sauce. I guess that’s why it’s nothing short of amazing! Just remember how good it is makes me want to drive to Clark on a traffic Friday night. 🙂

Burp!  (29)Say with me, please: Burp Monster, P160

Very apt name for its size, I should say. I honestly won’t be able to finish a monster on my own. I love that it’s not just big in size but it is equally enormous in the flavor department.

Burp the big show

Half-Pound Burp Buddy, P240

The Big Show (One-Pound), P325

Now these burgers are from a league on their own. If the monster was huge, these are something else. I’d say it should be good for sharing. But if you’re a burger junkie, judging from all the Burp burger varieties I’ve tried, all your possible burger cravings will be addressed in every bite!

My son said that he’s totally ordering the Big Show the next time we go visit. We didn’t have this the last time because we were already stuffed to the brim with all the burgers that we were served with. I heard they also serve the perfect T-bone steak. I have a strong feeling that the hubby will have that the next time we go visit. That’ll be soon! 🙂

Burp!  (31)

Two of the Burp owners, the gorgeous couple Mr. & Mrs. John Frederick and Karissa Grace Suck.

Burp!  (32)

 The Grasyas with two of the Burp owners.

Good food is always best when experienced with fine friends. These three lovely ladies, Iris of PinayAds.com, Iris of Entrepremom.info and Mauie of The24HourMommy.com are three of the first few friends I made in the blogosphere and have gladly kept for years now. While there are tons of controversies in the blogosphere that’s got me into semi-hiatus mode, these ladies will remain to be three of the sweet reasons I will always be thankful I got involved in this blogging community. 🙂 <3

154 Stall D, Narciso St. Cor. Josefa St.
Angeles City, Pampanga
Tel. 0929.9489755

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  1. Kristel March 20, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    The food looks delicious! Will try this out when I’m at Pampanga. 🙂

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