Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe

We have been to Baguio quite a handful of times but it was only during last month’s trip courtesy of Eurotel that I was able to visit OMG! (Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe). It was one interesting place our fellow blogger, Melo of Out of Town Blog led us too. This spot is totally a tourist spot on its own, in my opinion. I can very well spend my whole day there, if I was given the chance.

Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe is also the perfect place for me – a Vegetarian wannabe. “Gulay” is vegetable in our vernacular. And with Baguio being a major source of the freshest of vegetables, you can hardly go wrong here if good and healthy feast is what your palates are ready for. You are gonna have that and then some. Our group’s first visit was courtesy of the good hearted Melo who treated us for refreshments. We were too full for anything, really. But he insisted. Because Eurotel just stuffed us with our sumptuous meal for the day. An hour will not be enough to go over the place. So it was really lovely for the Marketing group of Eurotel Hotel to take us there again for the healthiest meal that we had for that trip the next day.

I was fascinated by the intricacies of the place that I just found myself snapping photos of the things I see. It was more like a museum of arts. A perfect hang out place. Even regular people (like myself) will find it hard not to be amazed by how the people behind the cafe wove everything together to have something as beautiful as this sit on a 5th floor of a building. The several flights up the stairs (sorry, no elevator) were totally worth it.

The koi pond within the cafe is the first thing that visitors will see as soon as they step in. I regretted bringing just my 35mm prime lens instead of the kit lens. There was no way I can give justice to the place via photos using my iPhone.

some of my fellow bloggers snapping away

Yes, I was very limited by the lens I had with me.  But I took with me a mental note that I  will be back to get better shots next time as I will carry my kit lens with me at least. 🙂

And of course, the food shots. I don’t know about you, but there is something about partaking healthy food, at least for me. It’s not just guiltless. It made me hope over and over again that there is a restaurant similar to this back in Manila.

Oh My Gulay! Salad, P100 and Extra Butter Fried Bread, P40

Trademark salad of assorted market vegetables on a bed of greens served with their house blend of honey mustard and herb dressing.

Talong Parmigiana, P120

Deep fried breaded eggplant set on crisp baguette, topped with sauce and basil oil.

Chow-Chow Noodles, P120

Chow mien fresh vegetables sauteed in garlic, flavored with spicy soy and hoisin. Served with egg noodles.

If there is anything lovely about traveling, it is always the people you are with. Perks and all might be there. But unless the people who you are with are genuine ones, it really is hard to feel at ease at all. The Eurotel people did not once disappoint us. They know hospitality from the very root of it. I just had to say that out loud. Because real character radiates from the inside out whether you like it or not. I only have lovely words for them. It totally took away all the apprehensions of my coming despite the fact that the hubby was not with me.

After those two consecutive days visit to Oh My Gulay!, it is now one of my must go to places in Baguio.

OMG! (Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe)
5/F La Azotea Building
108 Session Road, Baguio City

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