Revisting HalfMoon Asian Cafe

Although we came in a wee bit late at Halfmoon Asian Cafe last November 23, for a get together with other “Baguio bloggers,” we were still able to witness the artwork fellow bloggers made with their bibingcrepe.

The bibingcrepe masterpieces were too cute to be eaten!

There was no way I was stepping out of Halfmoon Asian Cafe without having my photo taken with Sir Buddy. He really made our dining experience at the Zenz Restaurant in Mines View Park Hotel very satisfactory.

The bloggers scooping their way to get their own share (for take home) of what probably is the largest bibingcrepe ever made. The get together was a real fun time with fellow bloggers. I got too distracted that I totally forgot to order my favorite bibingcrisp. We will have to go visit again soon. 🙂

Halfmoon Asian Cafe
238 Tomas Morato Extension corner Sct. Bayoran Quezon City
Tel. 411.3105

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