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Latest Food Find: Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

Long before there were food trucks and food lifestyle night markets, there was Kapitolyo, an asylum to foodies from almost a decade back. I remember at least two favorite restaurants we used to swing by for good food back in the day. Although a lot of food and lifestyle concepts have mushroomed all over the metro, Kapitolyo remains to be a go to place if you’re on for a gastronomical treat.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew interior

We recently visited Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew located at 16 East Capitol Drive Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

While Tittos might not be an art cafe, the murals inside was the first thing that caught my eye before I took a bite on what we ordered. It’s always a lovely plus for me when I get to feast my eyes on fancy artwork as I devour on good food.  Check out the mural behind our group photo. We had lunch with this bunch of beautiful people after church a couple of months back. Every corner of Tittos is instagrammable, that’s for sure.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Nacho el Gigante

Nacho el Gigante, P375

Tortilla chips, beef barbacoa, tomato salsa, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, trio of cheese, chimichurri, and Mexican crema.

And when they called it el Gigante, they were not kidding. My photos don’t do it justice, but the serving is huge! Exactly what I appreciate about restaurants who claim to serve large portions. Nothing can be more disappointing than being served a tiny plate when the description would have you expect otherwise. A lot like expectation vs. reality, and each time, Tittos has satisfied the bar, if not upped it a notch.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Nacho el Gigante

I won’t count on it for our family to visit a restaurant that serves nachos, and fail to order one. Reason? We have a growing 12 year old nacho monster for a son. Haha! Being practically raised in the kitchen, he has been my taste-tester and lets me know what’s lacking in a dish. I have since trusted his precise taste. Our little guy prides himself with having a taste for good food, and can whip up a lot of things in the kitchen himself. Maybe because he started young – at 7 years old!

That said, he’s giving Tittos Nachos el Gigante two thumbs up. He sure knows what a good nachos are made of when he sees  tastes one. 🙂

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Beef Barbacoa

Beef Barbacoa Tacos, P145

Another must-try at Tittos is their Beef Barbacoa Tacos. The slow cooked beef belly must’ve done it for me, its mix with chimichurri, pico de gallo, picked onion, slaw, tortilla crips on black tortilla, didn’t just give the flavorful taco experience in every bite, but the perfect texture and crunch as well. Comfort food, for the win!

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Churassco Beef Salpicao

Churassco Beef Salpicao, P295 -Grilled beef cubes, mushrooms, crispy onions, and herb butter.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Chicharron Pork Crispy Pata

Tittos Chicharron Pork Crispy Pata, P550

Chicharron Pork Crispy Pata is Titto’s unique Latin take on this Pinoy favorite. Pork crispy pata, spiced vinegar, chimichurri, sweet soy, topped with crispy onions.

I admit, I haven’t gone that pork road for a while now. But this crispy pata was inviting enough for me to take a helping (or two), it was so good that I almost forgot that I was on no-pork diet. Haha!

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Tittos Wings

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Tittos Wings, P245 – Fried chicken wings, chipotle BBQ glaze, romaine lettuce, with blue cheese crema

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Sisig Tacos

Sisig Tacos, P135 – Pork maskara, tortilla, onions, chilis, melted cheese, liver sauce, chicharonnes, and quail egg

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Arroz Negra

Arroz Negra, P495 (Medio: good for 4-6) and P780 (Grande: good for 8-10)

Squid ink rice, chorizo, squid rings, prawns, mussels, sofrito, tinapa, french beans, onion crip, and garlic mojo.

I won’t be surprised if this will be tagged as a Tittos favorite. This is another must-try from Tittos. Love how the garlic sauce further enhanced the already flavorful dish.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes, P190

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Menu

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Menu

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Menu

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Menu

There is so many things to love about Tittos: good food, the festive murals, extensive menu, and free valet parking. There are a lot more on the menu we’re going back for the next time we visit. We’ll make sure to let you in how they’ll fare.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew
Address: 16 East Capitol Drive Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact Nos. 535 9212
Facebook | Instagram: @TittosMNL

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