Ways with Seafoods with Chef Enrique Valles at The Maya Kitchen

Last Saturday’s 101 Ways with Seafoods at the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center was jumpstarted with a very informative talk on everything about seafoods. Giving us more than just an idea on how seafoods land on our dining tables. We were educated on how we should select, clean, store and cook fish, squids, crabs and shellfish by one of the representatives of Mida Food Distributors Inc., The Seafood Specialist.

There was no better Chef to come before us to share us Seafood Recipes but Chef Enrique “Rikks” Valles.  Both a seasoned chef and an expert on seafoods as he is also the Chief Commercial Officer of Mida Food Distributors, Inc. He is a graduate of Les Roches Culinary School. Started at Four Season. Climbed his way from being a humble dishwasher, waiter, Com chef to being Chef D Party. He was also once the Sous Chef of Dusit Thailand, an Executive Sous Chef of Intercon Barcelona, moved to London (Intercon) and later moved to Hilton. He is one esteemed Chef all right and this was manifested as he went along demonstrating different Seafood dishes.

Here are three of my personal favorites from the five seafood dishes Chef Rikks came up with during the demonstration.

Honey Sesame Glazed Prawn with Arugula and Raspberry Vinaigrette

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Tastier Menudo with Lea & Perrins

Here is another recipe we’re sharing with you – Menudo by Chef Anton Abad. This Filipino favorite is said to be of Spanish origin with some citing similarities with Cocido, another Spanish dish.

The Filipino has made Menudo his very own dish, but you can also expect some variation in the recipe here and there. Menudo is a basic dish of meat and potato in a tomato based sauce is now served in as many ways as there are ingredients available to the adventurous cook.

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Lomi King in Batangas

There was no way we were going to Batangas without visiting one of its famous Lomi houses – Lomi King. Since the 80’s, lomi places have multiplied in this town and eventually became one of its staple dishes.

After a lovely time with friends at La Virginia Resort, we went to Lomi King for our lunch. It was a highly recommended place to visit by our blogger friend, Itot, who also generously shared his time to tour us around Lipa. 🙂

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