Mang Inasal Now Delivers

When I received an email last night informing me that I was one of the few lucky bloggers who was chosen to try out Mang Inasal‘s new delivery service, I was thrilled. That’s one meal taken cared of. My family frequents the Mang Inasal branch in the mall closest to our place. I’m sure glad to know that they now have this delivery service. It can come in handy when we do not feel like stepping out of the house.

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Delish: The Resto-Bar to Visit in Teachers Village, Quezon City

Delish is a standout among other restaurants you would see along Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village in Quezon City. This restaurant-by-day-bar-by-night hang out serves very good food! And my tummy is full already just thinking about my eating experience there.

Perhaps the reason why it is named Delish is because of the taste of the food they serve – truly delish-ous! Some of the dishes I tried that I would recommend for you to try is their Crispy Bicol Express which costs only PHP 185 per serving and good for two to three persons. They also have this among their lunch specials which is served with steamed rice and their soup of the day and it costs only PHP 89. This dish captures the same original taste of bicol express (but less spicier when I tried it), with the crispy skin of pork.

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Italianni’s Towering Flavors of Lunch

The Lunch Towers from Italianni’s, also known as the Towering Flavors of Lunch, are great lunch options and they are enough to be shared by two people. I was able to try these lunch towers which come in three layers (that’s why they are called towers) of dishes that are meant to complement each other.

Italianni’s Towering Flavors of Lunch come in two set meals, the first of which is the Traditionale Tower. This lunch tower has the Insalata Felice, the Half Shell Mussels Capperi and the Chicken Parmigiana with Penne.

Traditionale Tower

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