O’sonho, A Taste of Portugal

A taste of Portugal is what O’sonho (pronounced as “O’sonyo”) has to offer. Inasmuch as nothing compares to the quality of food a restaurant serves, the first impression that it makes as you march in is a big factor for me. Restaurants with couches where you can comfortably sink in, is a plus – O’sonho has that, in deep, inviting tangerine colored seats.

The wall paper in the area where our group was set to feast in took my memory back to my school days when I learned about the explorations of Columbus who was a Portuguese. I swear, it pays to be an early bird during events. Because you not only get to shift from the stress of travel time to being comfy enough to get the feel of the place you are in and observe while you are at it.

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Max’s Restaurant Inks Agreement with BDO for Food Remittance Delivery

Max’s Restaurant, one of the biggest food chains in the country has recently sealed an agreement with BDO Unibank, Inc. through its remittance service brand BDO Remit. The partnership between the two industry leaders pioneers a Food Remittance Delivery Service that will benefit Overseas Filipino Workers and their families in the Philippines.

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