Flaming Wings | New York Buffalo Wings

When we go craving for some serious buffalo wings the default place we go to is Flaming Wings in Katipunan. By far the best affordable buffalo New York style chicken wings place so far.

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Takoyaki from Hana of Little Tokyo

Hana of Little Tokyo in Makati, is hands down has the best Takoyaki balls in this side of the world. The location is right smack across Makati Cinema Square. No Takoyaki stall in the metro has come close. Takoyaki at its best. As authentic as can be. For one, their cooks except for one are all Japanese.

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Jesus Panciteria in Calumpang, Marikina

Let us just say you are not a homegrown Marikenyo if you live in Marikina and do not know Jesus Panciteria. Despite its not very attractive facade, patrons still come nonetheless expectant of the same old recipes they have come to love through the years.

We’re not sure who runs Jesus Panciteria. But it does look like appearance does not matter so much more than keeping the same recipes that are soon to be tagged as heirloom ones even as years progress.  This humble looking panciteria situated in Marikina has barely added a recipe to its list.

The same old recipes even balikabayans would come home for.

Lumpiang Shanghai, P110

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