Cuisine from the Heart of Europe: Magyar Hungarian Restaurant

There is more to Hungarian cuisine than just their famous sausages – this is what Magyar Hungarian Restaurant is all about. To give the people of Manila a taste of what authentic Hungarian cuisine is.

Hungary’s cuisine is actually more known for their rich soups and sauces. Which are considered their comfort food. And I was to figure that out soon enough as I tasted two of the tastiest soup I’ve had in years – one of which is The Szekely (pork and sauerkraut) Goulash.

Szekely (pork and sauerkraut) – left, P285
Beef Goulash Soup – right, P260

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Cantonese Soup Kitchen

While most Chinese restaurants would automatically give away the dizzying spell of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), Cantonese Soup Kitchen in Banawe, Manila has set an entirely different benchmark for a good Chinese Food Find. No MSG baby, so suffice it to say, migraine sufferers need not fret and can actually find the most refreshing and healthful recipes they will probably have in this part of the Metro.

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