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Why Filipino Moms are going to love Pop Tops: Australia’s Favorite Kid’s Juice Drink

With school opening fast approaching, Filipino moms get busy planning their kids’ school needs and requirements. Besides books and uniforms, they need to prioritize their kids’ nutritious baon, looking for healthy options that are easy to prepare and attractive enough for their kids to enjoy.

But nowadays, this combination can be challenging to find, especially in kid’s beverages. Fortunately, we have a solution. Introducing Pop Tops: Australia’s Favorite Kids Juice Drink.

pop tops orange From the bottle to the juice, Pop Tops is a kids beverage designed to entice the young ones with its taste and packaging. Each Pop Tops comes in a handy-lunch box sized 250ml serving, perfect for little tots’ drinking needs, and for moms to carry in their purse. Continue reading “Why Filipino Moms are going to love Pop Tops: Australia’s Favorite Kid’s Juice Drink”

Mario's Catering setup

Mario’s Caters

Be it for an intimate gathering or for a big feast, Mario’s offers only the best for your catering needs.

Delicious food, impeccable service, personalized menu, attention to detail, even expert advice on wine selection, floral arrangements, linens, china and silverware. Mario’s bring you everything you need to make any affair memorable.Mario's Catering
Celebrate occasions close to your heart like a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, a christening, a reunion of friends and family. Hold important business and corporate affairs. Mario’s will guide you every step of the way. The restaurant’s team of experts can put together any packages to suit any requirement and budget.
With 45 years of experience, Mario’s is your best choice.

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Are you #GWithTheBarkada Ready?

Weekend is almost here! Are you #GWithTheBarkada ready? How about a #KaraokeNight – sing the night away with the beshies (take some selfies too), while enjoying some of our Greenwich Barkada faves!

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