Sugar or Fats: Which is Worse?

Most diet and weight loss plans do not include foods with a high content of sugar and fat. We generally consider both substances to be  bad for health due to their association with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high levels of cholesterol. People spend a lot of time debating whether fats are worse for their health or sugar based food. However, a number of health experts suggest that fat and sugar are not inherently bad. What are dangerous is the kinds of fats and sugar, and the amount that you ingest.


  • Types of fats and sugars


There are several kinds of sugar that are used in daily food items; including refined sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar and glucose. Refined and processed sugars are considered far more dangerous for the health than the natural sugars which are present in fruits.

Similarly, we ingest a number of different fats every day. The ones that are present in oils, margarines, butter and processed food are seen as a cause of many diseases. So doctors encourage us to limit the amount that we ingest on a regular basis. Natural fats that present in seeds, avocados and nuts are good for health and so, they should be taken in large quantities. Continue reading “Sugar or Fats: Which is Worse?”

The Original Cheese Fondue 2

The Original Swiss Cheese Fondue at l’entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro

What better way to spend a cold rainy day or night but with a big serving of The Original Swiss Cheese Fondue at l’entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City.
Dip pieces of freshly baked crunchy pistolet bread into hot melted Swiss Cheese with Kirsch liqueur on the side.

l’entrecote The Original Cheese Fondue 4

A Swiss creation, cheese fondue is a blend of cheese, wine and seasoning in a caquelon or fondue pot set over a tabletop burner. White wine is slightly heated, grated cheese is added and stirred until melted and topped off with kirsch, a clear, colorless fruit brandy normally made from morello cherries. Continue reading “The Original Swiss Cheese Fondue at l’entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro”

f1 hotel Sausage

It’s Raining Deals in F1 Hotel Manila

Seems like rain can’t stop from falling, so why not embrace it and visit F1 Hotel Manila this July until August for their rainy day promotions? Make yourself feel at home with F1 Hotel’s suite rooms and appetizing selection of food to offer.

f1 hotel accommodation

Cuddle up and keep yourself comfy and warm by availing an overnight stay in a City Suite with “Make It Rain” Room Package. This comes with buffet breakfast and complimentary in-room massage for two (2) persons, for the special rate of P6,388 nett per night. This staycation is perfect for couples, or for the whole family to enjoy! Continue reading “It’s Raining Deals in F1 Hotel Manila”