A Joyous, Delicious Holiday at Mario’s

Cochinillo with crispy, crackling skin and moist tender meat, Callos Madrileña with rich red sauce; Paella Valenciana with a medley of seafood and meat; Lengua Con Setas of melt-in-your-mouth ox tongue in a delicate wine sauce; the Famous Caesar Salad of fresh greens with tangy dressing; Toffee Sans Rival, Canonigo, Bread Pudding, Chocolate and Cheese Cakes and Sugar-Free Jello that bring a delightful sweet ending to your meal.

Mario's Paella Valenciana
 These are the flavors to expect at Mario’s located at 191 Tomas Morato, Quezon City and 16 Upper Session Road Extension, Baguio City. Continue reading “A Joyous, Delicious Holiday at Mario’s”

Red Ribbon HoliDozen Poster

Red Ribbon HoliDozen: The tastiest pastries perfect for gifting

The season of giving is in full swing as people look everywhere for the best gifts to give their friends and family. Among the many ideas out there, food items like pastries are always an ideal option. Made to sweeten up the holidays, these treats are sure to delight loved ones.

This Christmas, the country’s most-loved bakeshops has prepared a box filled with a dozen of their best-tasting pastries perfect for gifting – the Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes.

Red Ribbon HoliDozen Poster

The Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes include delectable favorites like cheesy ensaimada, mamon, and cake slices which come in a festive box designed with a colorful Christmas parol. It also comes with a gift card of the same theme where givers can write heartfelt messages to their loved ones.

Christmas treats for everyone’s favorites

The Red Ribbon HoliDozen comes in three variants filled with Red Ribbon treats. HoliDozen Cheesy Ensaimada comes with a dozen of the mouth-watering pastry, topped with butter, cheese and a sparkling of sugar. HoliDozen Assorted Mamon has a variety of melt-in-your-mouth mamon with flavors like Butter, Ube, Mocha, Creamy, White Choco Almond, Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Cheesy Mamon. HoliDozen Assorted Pastries comes with Cheesy Ensaimada, Butter Mamon and Choco Cake Slice. Gift-givers can also customize the HoliDozen boxes with different combinations to cater to every kind of sweet tooth and foodie. Continue reading “Red Ribbon HoliDozen: The tastiest pastries perfect for gifting”

Reyal by Bounty Fresh

Reyal: New Look, Same Sauce-Sarap, Sauce-Sulit Taste

When it comes to saucy and flavorful litson manok, there’s nothing like having Reyal on the dining table. Though unassuming in appearance, Reyal is something Filipino families love and look forward to for sauce-sulit, sauce-sarap litson manok. In two years’ time, it successfully captured the market’s appetite for roasted chicken that comes with a unique sauce.

In time for its second anniversary, Reyal is unveiling a new look for its brand, switching its bright yellow colors to a warm orange and changing its text logo to a much more striking cursive. The rebranding is definitely much saucy-er than ever, drawing attention to what they’re really known for — their signature litson manok sauce.

Reyal by Bounty Fresh


There’s no question how their sauce is well-loved by customers seeking affordable yet flavorful ulam for the family. It’s different from what Filipinos are used to when it comes to barbecued chicken. Instead of getting lechon sauce or toyomansi, customers get a sweet and spicy sauce that’s made with honey, chili oil and toasted garlic bits — ingredients that appeal to the Pinoy taste. Continue reading “Reyal: New Look, Same Sauce-Sarap, Sauce-Sulit Taste”