Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

It was last year when our family discovered where Hot Rocks has transferred from its former Libis location. We previously combed through Ortigas area with the hope that their branch there still existed. It was a happy revelation that Hot Rocks, which is now renamed as Beeffalo by Hot Rocks, is now so close to home. We can literally get there in less than 10 minutes.

family at beeffalo

Above photo is from our Beeffalo visit last year. We ordered two of our Hot Rocks favorites: Porterhouse Steak and Barbeque Platter (3 Sticks each of Pork Isaw, Tenga and Bulaklak) 

The first time we visited Beeffalo by Hot Rocks was an experience entirely new to us. It was notches classier from what we got used to. For so many years, Hot Rocks Libis has been our go-to place on weekends. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s few of the shots of the humble but definitely “home,” we found in Hot Rocks Libis.

Hot Rocks LibisThe cafeteria feel of Hot Rocks Libis was something that used to give our family this sense of comfort. Since we’ve gone there for years since our son was a toddler (he’s now 9 years old), it has become like a default place for us. We have become regulars that we would just smile and nod back at their servers and they knew what our staple orders were. We were plenty entertained by the displayed plates on the walls signed by celebrities like Pacquaio, Parokya, Julius Babao, Hot Rocks had to say goodbye to their old location in Libis as their contract expired to give way to the property development in the area.  I love that the place they transferred to is near our place. I know, I just can’t say that enough. 🙂

our family at hot rocks libis


We made so many memories at Hot Rocks, it is almost making  me ultra sentimental. Above photo on the left was when our family celebrated our son’s Karate-do promotion to yellow belt. Photo on the right was taken two weeks after the one on the left – just one of our random Hot Rocks visits. 🙂

hot rocks libis

Can I just say I am so pleased with myself that I documented all these before Hot Rocks Libis closed down?

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks facade

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks cannot be more ideally situated than this, at least for our Hot Rocks loving family. They have since transferred to Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Niño, Marikina City. So happy we found their new location on Facebook last year.


Our family, once again, enjoyed our visit to Beeffalo by Hot Rocks last weekend. The restaurant then was prepped for the Halloween season.

Beeffalo frontage

Diners get to enjoy bottomless iced tea and enjoy a 10% discount on food when they come in their best costume on Thursday, October 30.  

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Vespa

We got to chat with Beeffalo General Manager, Louie Abad as he shared some bits and pieces about Beeffalo by Hot Rocks, the location transfer, leveled-up look and the story behind the new brand name.  Because of familiarity, I naturally looked for those plates that used to hang on the walls of the old Hot Rocks place. They kept them and they may have it up again when they relaunch Hot Rocks with its old familiar look. Meanwhile, this time around as they launched Beeffalo, he wanted to have a roadhouse statement in its overall design.

Just a side note, it is fun to know that they are using the same container van that housed Hot Rocks in Libis. It kinda gives us that sentimental sense of “comfort.”

Beeffalo collector's items

Beeffalo’s interior showcases vintage appliances like television, bikes and this old school telephone that our son got seriously curious over.  It’s nice to know that these collector’s items were mostly donated or lent by customers. Tells a lot about how attached customers can get with this “home” of a restaurant. 🙂

Because we so got used to ordering the same things in Hot Rocks back then, we ordered the same things before this special visit where we got to meet and greet the owners. This time around, we were treated with both homegrown old favorites of Hot Rocks and new ones that also have become favorites of Beeffalo by Hot Rocks patrons.

Cucumber Lemonade, Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Seafood and Corn Chowder and Fully Loaded

Cucumber Lemonade – P60, Roasted Pumpkin Soup – P65, Seafood and Corn Chowder – P90 and Fully Loaded Nachos – P275

As we were asked what we will have for drinks, I naturally asked for Cucumber Lemonade, since I wanted to try their new offerings that were not included in their old Hot Rocks menu. I loved that the Cucumber Lemonade was so refreshing.  The Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Seafood and Corn Chowder and the Fully Loaded Nachos did not disappoint either.

Margherita, Pepperoni, ThreeCheese Pizzas

Margherita Pizza – P145, Pepperoni Pizza – P140 and Three Cheese Pizza – P125

One of our son’s Hot Rocks’ staples is their pizza. He alternates between Margherita and Three Cheese whenever we come visit. He devoured ever so willingly a whole order of three-cheese pizza this time around. My little man is one growing lad with a huge appetite. 🙂


Beffalo Wings (with Blue Cheese Dip), P135

Another new recipe in the menu we got to enjoy is their Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese dip. It comes Original Buffalo Wings (above) and Sweet (below) variants. This one’s a must try too.

Porterhouse Steak by Beeffalo

Porterhouse Steak (250g), P385 and 450g at P650

I don’t remember ever visiting Hot Rocks in Libis back then nor Beeffalo by Hot Rocks without ordering Porterhouse Steak. While we know there are a few steak places in the metro, Hot Rocks’ Porterhouse is nothing like any other steak we’ve tried so far. Grilled to your preference (it’s always been medium well for us), seasoned and grilled to perfection, if I may add. I guess I loved it best because we get to have prime steaks at such affordable price.

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs (with Java rice): Single Order – P270 and Full – P740

Beeffalo’s Baby Back Ribs is so good that even if I was practically full when it was served, I couldn’t resist a second helping. I’d have to say that this has to be the best Baby Back Ribs in town.  I was almost tempted to ask if they bathe the ribs with kosher or sea salt. Since I love cooking and am pretty notorious in trying to come up with my own version of things we try out in different restaurants.

Each bite of the rib is flavorful and tasty. I didn’t even have to use the sauce that came with it. I just realized there was a sauce that came with it when I was finished with my plate. No wonder it has become one of their bestsellers.

Beeffalo Hot Rocks dessert

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Must Try Desserts:

Turtle Pie, P165
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, P165
Brazo de Mercedes, P125
Jar of Monkeys (3 scoops of ice cream, banana, crushed pineapple, nuts, mini-mallows, choco and strawberry syrup), P145

Our son Jed rocks a 1968 Vespa displayed inside Beeffalo by Hot Rocks, as we enjoyed a tub full of ice cream which they playfully call “Jar of Monkeys” and three kinds of cakes for dessert.

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks outdoor grill

Above is Chef Omar, who’s been grilling for Hot Rocks for 10 years now.

It always reflects back positive on any company when someone has been with them for a long time. You will find Chef Omar at the corner of the garden area of Beeffalo by Hot Rocks when you come visit.

As for me and my family, we are looking forward to making more memories with Beeffalo by Hot Rocks for our backdrop. 🙂

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks is able to comfortably sit 56 diners indoors, 36 in the roofed al fresco and 32 within the garden area.  Operating hours is from 11AM to 11PM, Sundays to Thursdays and 11AM to 12MN, Fridays and Saturdays.

Beeffalo MAP

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks
Blk 6 Lot 3 Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Niño, Marikina City

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