robinsons supermarket freshtival 2017

Don’t miss the last few days to score fresh deals at Robinsons Supermarket’s Freshtival

We still have a few more days to catch Robinsons Supermarket’s Freshtival and score a wide array of fresh items that are conveniently available and easily affordable.

Mark your calendars

Now on its 4 th year, Freshtival continues to further promote the supermarket’s fresh
section products by also giving shoppers exciting discounts, freebies, and special
offers in July.

meat products at robinsons supermarket
Various meat products are conveniently cut, packed, and kept in refrigerated display
racks to ensure their freshness.

Every Monday, shoppers can buy a kilo of Supersavers Pork Barbeque to get an
additional half a kilo free. They can also get P10 discounts on every kilo of Robina
Farms Pork Pata Front, Robina Farms Pork Rib Shoulder or the Supersavers Pork Chop
Skin-On Bone-In.

organic veggies at robinsons supermarket
Vegetables from farms that follow good agricultural practices give consumers more
affordable options aside from buying organic produce.

Shoppers can enjoy a kilo of Magnolia Assorted Chicken Cut Ups for only P110. Those
who purchase Magnolia Free Range Chicken on July 28 can get additional 15 Robinsons
Rewards Card Points.

kiwi and dragon fruit at robinsons supermarket

Fruit lovers will have more reasons to drop by Robinsons Supermarket every July
weekend with a buy 1, take 1 promo on Fuji Apples and Grapes. Kids can also get an
early start to healthy eating with a free apple in select Robinsons Supermarket
branches. Shoppers may also enjoy Whatta Tops Chocolahat or Mango Graham while
saving P5.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of July, shoppers can get 2 free packs of
Supersavers Cheese Slice 90g when they purchase CDO Highlands Premium Beef
Patties 452g and free Magnolia Popsies Choco 65ml for every pack of Purefoods
Tender Juicy Jumbo Hotdog 1kg.

Fresh ideas to keeping healthy

The Freshtival also introduces selected vegetable produce grown from farms that
follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). These GAP-certified farms minimize the use
of pesticides to give consumers more affordable options aside from buying organic

In selected stores, the month-long Freshtival also features hydroponic vegetables that
are free of pesticides and grown in nutrient-rich water, as well as Halal frozen

Shopping for fresh items during the Freshtival can also be extra rewarding for
Robinsons Rewards members as every purchase of participating items in select stores
can earn them an extra 10 points.

Robinsons Supermarket’s Freshtival is freshly rewarding. To know more about
upcoming promos and events, please visit Robinsons Supermarket’s official website or like Robinsons Supermarket on Facebook.

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