Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops

If there is one food related motto my dear husband would have, this will be it — “My favorite animal is steak.” It is the one food he could eat every single day. Imagine our delight when we came to check out Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops a couple of weeks back.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s the Brickfire menu for proof. As soon as we stepped in and saw the prices, I admit to second guessing if their steaks would make the cut in my hubby’s discriminating taste for steaks. Amongst all the handful of steak houses we’ve been to, there is not one place that offer prices half as affordable as Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops.

Founders Chef Tadi Diaz and Aaron Macalinao with Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops‘s Marketing Officer, Jowie Maulawin.

As for how the steaks fared by our standards, I’d have to say, the founders did not claim for their dishes to be brick-oven roasted to fork-tender perfection for nothing. With all curiosity, I had to ask Aaron Macalinao myself how they can afford to sell their steaks for cheap when their tenderloins are this good. Pointblank, he told me that the key is to go straight to the source. As a learned butcher himself, who has beef for specialty and who has been the business ever since he can remember. His family has been in the meat supplying business for more than 20 years. Doing away from the middlemen does a great deal to the end prices of goods. Totally makes sense to me. I especially love how he has mastered steaks and transferred the knowledge to us such that we now feel more confident that we can tell a porterhouse, from just a t-bone and a tenderloin.

Cheesy Nachos and Fries, P150

The bucket of cheesy nachos and fries are my favorite Brickfire appetizer.

Brocolli Tex Mex, P160

The Brocolli Tex Mex is a the perfect, tasty and healthy balance to the abundance of steaks that we devoured for dinner that night.

Cowgirl Annie, P120

Cowgirl Annie, Brickfire’s T-bone steak sells for P120, can you imagine?! This one above is the Original, which is my favorite of the two Cowgirl Annie variants. The other one is the Honey-Mustard flavor. The serving was hefty, flavorful and can just about compete with this orange place we go to sometimes for steaks for a fraction of its price.

The Duke, P250

The Duke, Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops’s tenderloin, is my runaway favorite! I have yet to find a steak as tender and flavorful. To top it all off, indulging in such premium beef does not have to hurt the pocket anymore.

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