Chef Hasset Desserts to Go at The Maya Kitchen this July

The first time I devoured one of Chef Hasset Go’s desserts was during the launch of The Great Night Market Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill. This coming July Chef Hasset Go, one of the youngest baking prodigies in the country, is going to take the center stage at The Maya Kitchen.

This time around I will not just get a taste of Chef Hasset Go’s masterpieces but will also be demonstrated on how to make them. Mark the date, July 7, Saturday, 9am-1pm. I will be so thrilled to learn all these non-regular cakes he is listed to demonstrated for those who will attend.

  • Energy Mug Cake
  • Coconut Calamansi Squares
  • Banana Jubilee Crepe
  • Pastel Tres Leches
  • Pandan-White Chocolate Mango Cake
  • Low Sugar Citrus Cupcake Crème Brûlée
  • Custard Spring Rolls

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