Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe

We have been to Baguio quite a handful of times but it was only during last month’s trip courtesy of Eurotel that I was able to visit OMG! (Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe). It was one interesting place our fellow blogger, Melo of Out of Town Blog led us too. This spot is totally a tourist spot on its own, in my opinion. I can very well spend my whole day there, if I was given the chance.

Oh My Gulay! Artist Cafe is also the perfect place for me – a Vegetarian wannabe. “Gulay” is vegetable in our vernacular. And with Baguio being a major source of the freshest of vegetables, you can hardly go wrong here if good and healthy feast is what your palates are ready for. You are gonna have that and then some. Our group’s first visit was courtesy of the good hearted Melo who treated us for refreshments. We were too full for anything, really. But he insisted. Because Eurotel just stuffed us with our sumptuous meal for the day. An hour will not be enough to go over the place. So it was really lovely for the Marketing group of Eurotel Hotel to take us there again for the healthiest meal that we had for that trip the next day.

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The good food Eurotel Baguio serves

My weekend getaway to Baguio some couple of weeks ago was made special by the Marketing Department of the Eurotel Hotel. More than being introduced to a nice European themed hotel in the heart of Baguio, we were also toured around the city and served with loads and loads of food, we barely were able to finish every time.

Before I feature other food places we have been to during our March 4-6, 2011 weekend with the beautiful people of Eurotel, allow me to showcase their food offerings, which we feasted on, together with fellow Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers an hour or so after arriving in Baguio.

The Seafood Platter was to die for! I especially love that the fresh green mango enselada that went with this platter balanced out all the cholesterol hyped pieces in this dish.  Grilled tuna, crab, shrimps and squid. I would have been more than satisfied if I was given just this for lunch.

Lechon Kawali on a bed of mixed Veggies! Now that’s my kind of lunch. Too bad I wasn’t able to jot down what it’s called. Let’s just say, it was so good that it was gone in a snap!

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