Highlands Corned Beef Launch

When we received an invite on the launch of what is to be called Highlands Corned Beef, I really was not expecting much. In fact, all the while I thought it was just a regular emerging brand of corned beef. I cannot be more wrong.

Highlands Corned Beef is the first of its kind. Made of no less than the superior of beefs – Angus. As a family of steak lovers, it was easy for me to conclude that a pricey tag should come with it. It doesn’t. It is, in fact, reasonably priced at only P41.50 per 180g.

For endorsers, Highlands Corned Beef could not have picked a better bunch of exceptionally talented men: Jake Cuenca, James Younghusband, Paul Soriano, Luke Landrigan and Angelo Cacciatore.

Here’s what they have to say about Highlands Corned Beef:

“If you love steak like I do, you’ll surely love Highlands Corned Beef.”James

“I like how Highlands Corned Beef has no artificial flavors, you can tell it’s all natural Angus Beef with the richness of the beef’s taste.” –Luke

“It’s exciting to know that it’s the first corned beef out there that’s made with Angus Beef, it really pays to be a breed apart.” Jake

“Good beef starts with the breed, and Highlands Corned Beef is definitely a premium breed.” –Angelo

“Highlands Corned Beef is a breed apart from my old corned beef since it’s made with the high-quality Angus Beef” -Paul

But of course, we won’t just take their words for it. We had to taste the beef for ourselves. 🙂

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