Midea Kitchen Appliances

As a homemaker, I’m always on the lookout for innovations that will make my life easier as I juggle things at home. Amongst ┬áthe rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one place I spend time the most, exactly why I gravitate towards top-notch kitchen products. I attended an event last week and was introduced to a whole line of impressive ones by Midea. It’s my first time to encounter this brand and I’m curious how good it will fare in my kitchen.

During the event, Chef Rob Pengson prepared and cooked 9 different dishes in 45 minutes. Now, if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. The cooking demo surely made me more curious about the product. Chef Rob made use of Midea microwave oven, induction cooker, digital multi-cooker and electric kettle in whipping up all those 9 dishes!

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Microwave Ovens

Studies show that the use of microwave ovens in the Philippines is very low. This is mainly because of the common misconception that a microwave oven uses up a lot of electricity but a Midea Microwave Oven uses power efficiently that you only spend P1 in electricity per three-minute cooking time.

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