Recipes from The Maya Kitchen: Shoyu Ramen and Yakisoba

Japanese Master Chef Seiji Kamura chopped and sliced, simmered and boiled as he shared tips and secrets on how to cook various ramen at The Maya Kitchen recently.

Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Hiyashi Chuka and Yakisoba were all presented with that special touch that only a Japanese cuisine expert can lend. Try your hands in preparing these flavorful dishes in your own kitchen. For more information, log on to or e-mail

Shoyu Ramen

Ramen Soup Base

1.5 kilo                         pork bone (leg part) cut up

1.5 kilo                          rib bones cut up

½ kilo                           chicken bones, cleaned

150 grams                   ginger, sliced

2 pieces                      onion

3 pieces                      onion leeks

1 piece                        carrot

50 grams                      kombu, simmered

5000ml                          water

Boil all bones and throw away the water. Replace with 5000 ml water. Add the rest of ingredients. Cook at a rolling boil and remove scum. Adjust fire to simmer and continue cooking for about 1 hour.

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Japanese Recipes by Mogu Japanese Restaurant’s Chef Seiji Kamura

When I found myself sitting in one of the classes the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center offers, I cannot be more thrilled.  It was a cherry on top that it was Chef Seiji Kamura of Mogu Japanese Restaurant who is doing the cooking demonstration himself. I have always loved Japanese food. But never got past sushi.  It is the only thing I know how to prepare and serve at home.

I was over the top as Chef Seiji Kamura shifted from one dish to another. The dishes he prepared may just be your usual Japanese recipes all right. But Chef Seiji Kamura sure whipped up 6 of the best tasting, albeit usual Japanese food I have tasted:

1. 4 Mushroom Kamameshi
2. Japanese Mixed Seafood Curry
3. Yosenabe w/ Udon Hotpot Ponsu Sauce
4. Shoyu Ramen
5. Beef Yakiniku
6. Green Tea Jelly w/ Japanese Red Beans

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