Singapore Chicken Rice

My family and I got our first taste of Singapore Chicken Rice this one time we checked in a hotel in Cubao when there was power outage at home. And I should say it was probably one of the best chicken dish we have had since forever.

Our first Singapore Chicken Rice was a take out. It was not long until we dined in and interestingly observed that most attendants were mostly petite girls. There was also a good working atmosphere behind the counter where one Chinese looking woman is. I gathered she could be one or the owners and probably a Singaporean. The setup is that of a fast food place. ย When I transact across a counter, it is usually inevitable for me to observe these things. Yes, I can be nosy like that. And somehow, it also can be a factor if I would like to go back to a dining place. ๐Ÿ™‚

In all honesty, I have not found a better tasting Hainanese Chicken Rice apart from Singapore Chicken Rice’s. I totally forgot to take note of every single stuff we ordered, I was too eager to devour on them all. Will do better next time and will update this post. Better yet, help me out as we name each and every food shot of what we had at the Singapore Chicken Rice.

This delightful bowl of curried noodles is called Laksa. ๐Ÿ™‚

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