Waking up to Oishi products that we love

Waking to a box full of Smart C+ and loads of Oishi food products could not have been more timely. My boys and I agreed on packing our “Emergency Bag” today.  We have read from PHILVOLCS Latest Earthquake Information webpage that the tremors are becoming more frequent. We are praying for God’s mercy and as we do we will prepare in every way we can, especially so that we are right around the Marikina Fault line.

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Smart C+, Your Smart Dose of Vitamin C

Just look at what came in today – a package with 6 bottles of Oishi’s newest offering, Smart C+ drink. The name itself made me think that it cannot come in at a better time. With the sudden change of weather and my son having recently acquired his father’s cough and has been feverish since this morning, we really were planning to get more than our regular dose of Vitamin C.

Per practice, we do not normally take any kind of Vitamin C in tablet form. We really would rather have it naturally from the food we eat. But we thought because my husband’s cough has been extra persistent and the little guy is not exactly in his best health like he normally is. The culprit being, probably the weather, no less. The bunch of patients in my recent visit to the hospital to see an eye doctor, should attest to that. Patients from all corners were coughing. I was afraid I was not going to step out of the place uninfected.

Smart C+ in Orange Crush, Pomelo Grapefruit and Lemon Squeeze

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