Choosing the theme for your wedding ceremony and reception

Traditional church wedding is still popular but many are now open to the more creative and out of the ordinary ideas for their weddings. Besides the traditional church wedding, there are vintage, rustic, beach, garden weddings, café, poolside weddings, and the list can go on. The style and size of the wedding will depend on the budget and how much the host iswilling to spend on the wedding.

Whether it is an outdoor or an indoor wedding ceremony, you will need the appropriate tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception. If the wedding is to be held in Los Angeles, many of the wedding rentals in Los Angeles will solve the seating arrangement. Reservation for the venue and the number of tables and chairs should be made once the date of the event is fixed.

Whatever the style or theme chosen for the wedding, a suitable venue is needed to hold the wedding ceremony and reception. New venues are usually much cheaper because they need to promote their new business and they are usually more accommodating, since they want good reviews and recommendations from their customers. New venues means new and better facilities. If I am the host, the easiest and fastest way is to check out with the wedding rentals near me.Some couples choose simple, rustic style weddings to cut cost and save their money for other more important things. Rustic farmhouse weddings usually go hand in hand with long tables and benches. If benches are not convenient especially for the elderly guests, the hosts can arrange for chairs to replace the benches.

Some get married at the marriage registrar and choose to have a casual reception e.g. a BBQ in their spacious backyard. A more formal event will require the renting of tables, chairs, dinnerware, food caterer, servers, flower arrangement, etc. and all these will cost money. Some hosts will make up for the casual setting for the event by serving better quality food during the reception. Plus, the guests need not have to worry about formal dress code.

Planning a garden wedding with “church pew” for seating for the wedding ceremony under the big shady tress sounds like a great rustic garden wedding. For the reception, you may rent rustic tables and chairs. The bride may even wear rustic wedding gown for the wedding. To complete the picture, the hosts can request for the caterer to use rustic serving ware.

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