3 Types of Stun Guns

What are stun guns? Stun guns and Tasers were used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. One outstanding difference is whether you are using the weapon to repel your opponent from an up close distance or from a safer distance.

A stun gun is effective where there is direct contact where you must physically touch the person with the prongs of the stun gun, allowing you to hold it on them for many seconds. A Taser, on the other hand can be effectively shot from a distance of up to 15 feet away.

A stun gun causes shocking, immobilizing pain and extreme exertions of muscles contractions by rapidly overworking the muscle group and depleting it of blood sugar. A Taser allows you to repel the opponent or attacker from a distance of about 15 feet away.

If you are looking for stun guns or Tasers, you can visit any self defense weapons websites or the home security superstore to check the different types of stun guns and Tasers. For those interested in stun guns, there is a good selection of stun guns to choose from.

Do not underestimate a mini stun gun. The best mini stun guns may look small but it is convenient and a powerful tool to thwart an attacker like a regular stun gun. You can easily hide the mini stun gun in the front pocket of a bag or in the palm of your hand. Mini stun guns are very popular among women folks.

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Confit of Duck Breast Marsala with Fried Quinoa, Burnt Coconut in Orange Duck Jus

F1 Hotel Manila earns medals at the Philippine Culinary Cup

The Philippine Culinary Cup, held last August 1-4, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, is the most distinguished culinary competition in the country. It is the only one endorsed by the World Association of Chef Societies (WORLDCHEFS), which counts numerous outstanding chefs from different Asian countries as some of its members.

F1 Hotel Manila Team

Among the participants in the various categories are F1 Hotel Manila’s brilliant chefs, showcasing their talent and creativity. The team won a number of awards by combining diverse flavors throughout the competition. Finishing with a bronze medal are Alvin Austria and Elijah Mendoza for the Young Chefs Team Challenge; Geomel Bautista for the U.S. Pork Category; and for the Dream Team Challenge – Frederick Ollet, Luwell Elisan and Chantal Vera who were coached by F1 Hotel Manila’s Executive Chef Angelo “Chubby” Timban. Aries Vivas for the Pasta Category, Billy Laigo for the U.S. Beef Category, and the team who joined the Filipino Cuisine Challenge – Rolando Pascual, Geomel Bautista, and Chef Angelo “Chubby” Timban earned a Silver medal, giving the competition a run for their money.

Coconut Activated, Vanilla & Peach Panna Cotta

Coconut Activated, Vanilla & Peach Panna Cotta

Confit of Duck Breast Marsala with Fried Quinoa, Burnt Coconut in Orange Duck Jus

Confit of Duck Breast Marsala with Fried Quinoa, Burnt Coconut in Orange Duck Jus

Sagol Nga Utan sa Ginamos

Sagol Nga Utan sa Ginamos

These hardworking and award winning chefs are F1 Hotel Manila’s pride, and it’s truly an honor to have them execute their long honed skills at F All-Day Dining and the Canary Lounge. Experience world class cuisine at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, call 908-7888 or visit f1hotelmanila.com.

Make Motorcycle Riding Your Topmost Priority

Do you realize that riding a motorcycle is considered to be harder compared to riding a car. There are a lot of countries that offer different licenses depending on the transportation that you are planning to ride. There are some licenses that can be used for both cars and motorcycles while there are also some that can be used only for cars.

There may be some similarities with riding a motorcycle and a car but you still need the following so you can make things easier for you:

  • You need constant and consistent education.
  • You still need to follow the traffic rules and regulations.
  • Common sense

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