Red Ribbon HoliDozen Poster

Red Ribbon HoliDozen: The tastiest pastries perfect for gifting

The season of giving is in full swing as people look everywhere for the best gifts to give their friends and family. Among the many ideas out there, food items like pastries are always an ideal option. Made to sweeten up the holidays, these treats are sure to delight loved ones.

This Christmas, the country’s most-loved bakeshops has prepared a box filled with a dozen of their best-tasting pastries perfect for gifting – the Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes.

Red Ribbon HoliDozen Poster

The Red Ribbon HoliDozen Gift Boxes include delectable favorites like cheesy ensaimada, mamon, and cake slices which come in a festive box designed with a colorful Christmas parol. It also comes with a gift card of the same theme where givers can write heartfelt messages to their loved ones.

Christmas treats for everyone’s favorites

The Red Ribbon HoliDozen comes in three variants filled with Red Ribbon treats. HoliDozen Cheesy Ensaimada comes with a dozen of the mouth-watering pastry, topped with butter, cheese and a sparkling of sugar. HoliDozen Assorted Mamon has a variety of melt-in-your-mouth mamon with flavors like Butter, Ube, Mocha, Creamy, White Choco Almond, Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Cheesy Mamon. HoliDozen Assorted Pastries comes with Cheesy Ensaimada, Butter Mamon and Choco Cake Slice. Gift-givers can also customize the HoliDozen boxes with different combinations to cater to every kind of sweet tooth and foodie. Continue reading “Red Ribbon HoliDozen: The tastiest pastries perfect for gifting”

Our Family’s Healthier Bread Choice: Walter Bread

If there is one thing that I had a hard time shifting my boys preference to wheat bread, it is the formerly given fact that wheat breads almost always have to mean the tougher and not so “tasty” kind. After recently having come across loaves and pandesal that are wheat alright but definitely way tastier than what I had the boys previously try once or twice, I knew right from their favorable munching that I found the wheat bread brand for my family – Walter Bread.


Thank you, Walter Bread for sending these loaves and pack of yummy wheat pandesal. My son’s favorites were the Sugar Free Wheat Pandesal and the Sugar Free Wheat Bread. I love that he loves both variants since I am meaning to put him on a diet. Less sugar for the 8 year old who’s as heavy as his mom. Haha! 🙂

Whether you are diabetic, want to control your weight or you just simply want to cut back on your daily sugar intake, these Sugar Free Walter Bread variants are best. Sugar Free Wheat Bread uses isomalt, a natural sugar replacer from beet– so it still tastes great, minus the sugar. Its ideal if you have a diabetes problem. And since it’s high in fiber, it’s a low glycaemic carbohydrate that also lets you lose weight! Walter Bread Wheat Pandesal has zero sugar as well,  no cholesterol and packed with vitamins and minerals. 


Our family is big on grilled cheese, panini style. This is what we usually do. My eight year old will usually drown the slices with cheese before he gets them folded. I love mine with Pate de Foie instead. I have kind of outgrown cheese unless they are the imported kind.  🙂 Continue reading “Our Family’s Healthier Bread Choice: Walter Bread”